We all are under pandemic attack of corona virus outbreak which was originated first in Wuhan, China in 2019. With the human life at stake the scientists all over the world have come together to create a cure. This outbreak soon effected the entire Europe especially in Italy and then the rest of the world increasing the death toll currently to 19,642 . The symptoms  of covid-19 were found to be like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS) outbreak in 2002 in Southern China. By March 2020 over 90,000 individuals were affected and hence resulted to complete lockdown.

Structure of the virus

The virus Covid-19 is spherical in shape with protein spikes protruding outside. The spikes attach to human beings and change it’s configuration by fusing with the cell membrane followed by producing more viral particles. The virus binds to receptor found in human cells called as angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 (ACE 2).


The first laboratory analysis of the virus was done in China followed by Dr. Jason's McLellan's lab in Texas. Later NIAID Vaccine Research Centre amplified the virus genome to analyse it's structure. The scientists used Cryo-electron microscopy in which the virus particles were freezed and electrons were bombarded to produce images thereby producing 3D image of the virus. The scientists are currently isolating antibodies from the recovered patients to produce the antidote.

Quarantine and the psychology

Quarantine word is strictly used during pandemic. It means to detain, medically examine or conditionally release individuals suspected of carrying communicable diseases. It is long term self isolation at their respective homes and social distancing done specifically to reduce spread of communicable disease. During this time the person should be focussing on metal health. The individual should acquire proper diet and sleeping patterns. Engaging into activities such as reading books or painting can reduce anxiety and chances of Alzheimer. People suffering from dimentia are most affected from the quarantine. Hence, a daily routine should be maintained to keep oneself healthy and sane.