Education Enhance A Person To Build A Good Future. How?

Mridu Ku
May 20, 2019   •  14 views

Life is a platform to run different actions, hopes and perception. But each action has similarity and differentiation. A person is not complete without proper knowledge and education. But this knowledge doesn't mean as scoring high mark and becoming a rich man before society. It is far beyond it.

Understand about society and its nature
Education should nurture a person in a way that, it gives a value to society. It is not for a particular day, month or a year, we should imbibe knowledge throughout our life. So whatever we gain, must show a positive result to society. How can we make it practical? Suppose a society want to raise an issue to the higher authority. But that particular area of people doesn't have courage or knowledge to talk with higher authority. They don't know how to communicate with those people. So in such a situation, if a well-educated and skilled person comes, it would great relief for them. Education has many values like building up of confidence and power, strengthening one's personality, social development, community collaboration and so on.

Showing positive behaviour and action

Education helps a person to build good attitude and outlook to the world. They know, what is good and what is bad?

But in the present world, there are people who are over smart and confident. They sometimes with their high knowledge and skill play all unusual attitude to their respective field. Such people must come under the law. We should not encourage such nuisance to society. There are people who don't satisfy with whatever they get. They want everything one step high. So they play all unnatural things to gain power and reputation. But education is something that does for society, economic and political field. In education, the most important concept is knowledge. Knowledge is something that helps each person to understand about humanity. The first part of life is showing kindness and humanity to each other. A famous writer has said, education is a passport for the present and future. Without a piece of proper knowledge and skill, we cannot become human. So education is very important for life’s existence.

Be a Man, not an Animal
Today society is facing a number of social problems. One of the most complicated issues is sexual harassment. People do not know how to behave before women. There are people around us who treat women as a sexual object. Such brutal people must punish. They do so because they lack proper education. Not only this but people today addicted to drugs and all other hazardous activities. And while consuming, they would be in another world and do all underworld activities towards society. Even today this is happening among educated people too. So education must strive for a person in such a way that it should show all good and moral things. It should make us a good human being.



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