Fight For Humanity, Not Religion

Aarohi Nayyar
Nov 03, 2019   •  39 views

Amidst the Ayodhya dispute that whether a Temple or a Masjid should be built a thought popped up my mind that why not to build a school over there and educate our youth so they contribute well to society.

Education the only valuable asset that humans can achieve. Education is imperative for not just a healthy and happy life but for also a blissful nation. Education doesn’t only helps us acquire essential skills to lead our lives but also teaches us various teachings of our deities. Education gives us an opportunity to get closer to God through learning his spiritual lessons and practicing them in today’s competitive and chaotic life. All the gurus have written a book that has all the important life lessons now for that matter it could be a Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Quran or Guru Granth Sahib. All these spiritual books teach us the most important values i.e. self-less love, caring for the nature around us, Helping the needy, educating ourselves and thus contributing good to the society, having trust and faith, etc. Have we ever wondered why only humans have such complex brains through which they can think, understand, read and write? So that we can understand God’s message in the real sense and then do something good for our society so that we can do well for others. Thus making this world a peaceful place to live in. But we humans tend to forget this fact.

In my opinion, God is a supreme power who controls this world. God is a natural power who kills the evil from society so that humanity sustains. God is one, he just takes birth in different forms to teach different lessons to society. Whether it was Lord Rama who killed Ravana who used to misuse his powers and disrespected women, thus teaching us to respect women and using your powers for good or whether it was Allah who taught us to stay away from any kind of intoxication. Thus teaching us that consumption of any such intoxicated substance is bad for our mind and body and that it destroys us internally.

We tend to forget that God is omnipresent and he is present everywhere not just in a particular place. God is even within us (any good karma is the God within us). Now in Ayodhya's case, Hindus are claiming to build Ram Mandir because Lord Rama was born at that place whereas Muslims are claiming to build Babri Masjid because a Muslim ruler built that Masjid over there.

But in all this chaos we have unnoticed one small thing that Masjid was there from over so many years (the place where Lord Rama was born too) but when two Gods have no issue over this then why we humans are fighting over it? Doesn’t this instance reflects that the two deities are same, there is no distinction between them and that they were the messengers of God to teach us valuable lessons? In my opinion, this particular instance completely reflects that God is one.

We need to understand that if we really love and believe in God then we must focus on removing all the evils from our society. We must educate our youth so that they become a wiser person and contribute something valuable to society.

Thus, in my opinion, a school should be built over there so that we educate the youth so that they come together and with all their knowledge, power and potential try to make this world a better place to live in.

If we succeed in doing so then only there will be the real win of God i.e. win of good over evil.



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