Diy Fun & Creative Activities For Kids This Diwali

Mohit Gupta
Jan 27, 2022   •  3 views


As we all know, it is a festive time and this time of the year is the most fun-loving, enjoyable and brings all our near & dear ones together. With Navratri just passing by, Diwali festival is coming up. Diwali is yet another Hindu festival celebrated with décor and honour throughout the world. Diwali has become a global festival, celebrating the festival of light.

Diwali is a festival of light, it is celebrated for good, the return to the home of Ram after burning down Ravana and his mates. It is a sign of positivity and goodwill. In India, to be specific, homes are decorated with lights all over, hand-made Diya is lit and kept all around the house, firecrackers are burnt, Goddess Laxmi (goddess of wealth) is worshipped and so much more. The look in Diwali is just awesome and beautiful. 

We all know that kids, do celebrate these festivals, but they fail to understand what the festival means, that is why it is necessary for parents to join kids in a good school. 

Having said a brief about the Diwali festival, we thought why not get your kids engaged up and enjoy Diwali with DIY fun and creative activities during Diwali time. Let’s dive in and know more.


Here are the fun & creative activities for kids this Diwali:


  • Making Diwali greeting cards- kids love to draw and write things on blank paper. Tell your kids to make a Diwali greetings card on the lines of a birthday card. Give them some ideas and suggestions and let them do. You will need plain paper, colour pens, crayons, glitters, pen, pencil, sketch pen etc

  • Diya paintings- best and most productive and fun & creative activity for kids. Hand over to them a real Diya and tell them to colour it with the desired paint. For example, after painting the Diyas, kids or even parents can make the auspicious Swastik sign on the Diya. Painting is another happy tool for kids which they enjoy doing a lot. 

  • How to make Rangoli- without rangoli your Diwali is incomplete, get your kids involved and teach them a bit about rangoli colouring. You will require rangoli colour powders, some scale and round objects like bangles. Making a rangoli is similar to drawing but with colour fill techniques, parents can guide their children accordingly. If parents can get rangoli making tools which are easily available at the market, it would be easy for kids to learn and make a better one. Parents can also use rice rangoli options as well.

  • Making Goddess Laxmi footprints- it is said that Goddess Laxmi is a wealthy God and we should worship and make her footprints at home for good fortune and happiness in the family and surroundings. Making her footprint is easy, you will require a pen, pencil, sketch pen, foot design and colours. 

  • Home Diwali banners- as said drawings are kids favourite, make them draw their best things, kids like in Diwali. Give them a big plain chart paper and make them draw their heart out. Kids can draw Diyas, write subh Diwali and so much more. 

  • Making Diwali paper elephant craft- it is also considered auspicious and kids can draw and colour based on the Diwali theme. You will require, plain paper, a sketch pen, and colour decors that’s it. 



Indeed, it is the most fun part of the year for kids and other adults. It can never get better than this. Get together, merry-making, enjoying, dancing, singing, bursting crackers, making Diwali preparations and so much more, the list goes on and on. Doing the above said fun & creative activities for kids will for sure make your kid's skills better, make them engaged, keep them at home occupied (remember going out can be a danger, covid is far from being over). So, parents are advised to play safe and sound, keep dangerous crackers away from kids, and play smooth and beautifully at home. Happy festive days, to all the beautiful parents and children out there. Logging off with a good note. Keep visiting our blog page, for exclusive and productive content, coming up soon, stay tuned!