Dear Readers,

Hope everyone is doing great!! I am here with my Diwali Poem. If you enjoy reading my poem drop your comments below.

Diwali -Poem

Sky sails with smoke,
Cacophony of sleek rockets
Slides into the silent sky
Paints unknown hues
Stars never told!
Moon never begged,

Blast of sparkle
Hid the salubrious stars,

Twinkling smile popped
On silver foiled sweet cubes,
Boondi balls moved in
Volcano of vastness
Ghee dipped palms
Celibacy on banana platter
Moves of jimikky drops

Allures her silk garb

Rainbows on Rangoli
Utter “dazzle”

Throttle hassles
Enlighten nature

Lest nature cracks
Heal them this Diwali!
With the smoke of care
And devise a day with simplicity
And tranquility!!

Happy Diwali!

-Aquilin Sneha



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Shru Thi  •  2y  •  Reply
Wow...excellent work
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Aquilin Sneha  •  2y  •  Reply
Thank you Shru