One of the happiest moments in a couple’s life is when they have a kid. It feels like the family gets completed. Parents try to give everything to keep their child happy and they share a very strong bond. As the kids grow and start the teenage, problems may arise. This teen period can be tough to handle but trust me if you hold onto this, things will start to get better and best. 

There are many ways to deal with these kinds of struggles, don’t wait and let the situation get worse. Step up from the very beginning. 

Why is the teen period so hard?

This is the time when your kids try to become independent, start taking responsibilities, explore new things, meet new people, the hormones start to kick in, the study becomes hard, and they try to fit in their new world. Sometimes, parents unintentionally remind them to act like adults and they may get confused. 

Let’s take a flashback round. Do you remember how your child used to tell you everything they did in their school, or with their friends, even the smallest of things, like wetting their shirt while washing their face? But, what changed now? Your child or You? Your kids may have been telling you everything about their life till they hit a certain age. Often happens, to get older and responsible, they learn that some problems or situations should be handled alone. They stop discussing things with you, peer pressure also plays a great role. They don’t like rules so they either can become a rebel or can put themselves inside a box. In both cases, they start a battle of struggling. 

How do the parents feel?

This period is really hard for the parents. Why so? Usually because of the difference in age and time! Of course, when I was in school, we were asked to only read books, can’t even imagine having 10 books inside a mobile. The parents need to realize that as their kids are growing, they are also growing and exploring the world of parenthood. It can be hard from the simple “teen language abbreviations” to learning new technologies. Don’t forget that you have lived more so you can keep a little more patience on that. You already have a foundation and you need to upgrade but your kids have just started building the blocks, stick with them. You can do it!

Is my teen pretending?

It may happen at some point when you will feel that your kid is fine if they are coping up with the studies, getting good grades, smiling always, and everything seems to be normal. Well, don’t forget that in the new world they have also learned to pretend. The worst part is that physical injuries can be seen and cured very easily, but when it comes to mental struggles, nothing may seem to be under control. You can always try to communicate but do not try to dominate the conversation. 

Should I be worried and seek a therapist?

Seeking a therapist is not a big issue nowadays. But before that, you should know how serious the scenario is. There are some simple ways to check if your teen kid is going through some rough patch. Keep an eye for the following situations or symptoms:

  1. If your kid is facing any kind of bullying

  2. If their behavior has changed while the family is going through some trouble

  3. If they are taking too much stress in their academic field

  4. If they are starting to have an eating disorder

  5. If they made themselves anti-social

  6. If they have ever self-injured themselves

  7. If their sleeping pattern has changed drastically

There can be many other indications or symptoms which will help you to notice if your teen is suffering from any mental issues. These were the most common and are highly seen in teens struggling while they try to deal with it by themselves. Do not get panicked if you see these situations, you can always try to communicate and seek help.

How does therapy help?

Many people find it embarrassing to go for therapy and talk about issues they are dealing with mentally. The very first thing to remember is that it is important to open up. The more you talk, the more quickly you will start feeling better. 

Teens may not be comfortable in sharing their darkest secrets with their parents as they have the fear of being judged. So here relying on a therapist can be very useful. They help to deal with depression. anxiety, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), trauma-related disorders, grief, low self-esteem, and many more. 

Teens usually find it easier and more compatible as therapists are strangers to them so they hardly have any fear of being judged. Therapists have very patient and approachable behavior which helps them to open up more. Therapy helps the teen to believe in themselves and find their strengths. It helps in building thinking patterns and healthy behavioral habits. 

A therapist may also help the parent to cope with difficult situations by suggesting some helpful tips. Therapists mostly work by talking through feelings, solving problems, suggesting, showing different ways to deal with situations, playing activities, developing new skills, and many more.

Where can I find a therapist?

You may think that it is hard to find a good therapist but nowadays the internet has made everything very easy. You can always search online to find a therapist near you. is one of the best online therapy/counseling services. This makes getting help easier than ever before for people around the world dealing with various mental health issues. You can checkout their website to get more details. 

Problems with teens may seem very small to the parents but for them, it takes a lot of effort to deal with certain things. So, approaching a therapist from the beginning of any such issues can be very helpful. The quicker, the better!