In my previous article ‘Group Psychology – A Follower’s Tale’, I had addressed the situations which compel people to turn into followers. In this article, I shall articulate on how you can stand out of the crowd as a leader.

Leadership is an important quality to possess if you want to succeed in life. Everyone has leadership qualities in them. However, the ways in which one chooses to portray it defines the kind of person they are. You might have noticed that certain people have a knack of commanding respect and influencing others strongly. It comes almost naturally to them as opposed to certain people who cannot be successful influencers no matter how hard they try.

Here are certain ways in which you can stand out and be a better leader.

1.Show some substance

A true leader practices what he speaks. They are not only propagating their beliefs by their words but have fruits to show. Give people a reason to follow you. Have knowledge and expertise in the field you are showcasing your leadership skills in. If people realise you are incompetent, they will be quick to desert you and look for a more capable leader.

2.Be relatable

People easily follow leaders they believe they can relate to on a professional or personal level. Make them believe that you understand their needs and are working whole heartedly towards them. Work for the betterment of your team, not for selfish motives.

3.Remain grounded

A leader who acts extremely snooty is often detested by others. Make your subordinates feel like they matter. Talk to them on a personal level. Work with them. Make them feel important and they will respect and follow you.

4.Make a style statement

Making a style statement doesn’t necessarily mean being up to date with the latest fashion trends. It means having a personality to suit the role. Your body language and the way you carry yourself will be judged by everyone around you, including your team and that will be a major deciding factor in your leadership abilities. (To know about how people will judge you, read my blog ‘First Impressions – Ways people judge us)

5.Communicate efficiently

Communication is the key to steady relationships. Make sure your method and language of communication is efficient and immaculate. Be clear and confident while giving instructions, leaving no room for uncertainties. This allows people to believe that you are confident, and you know what you are doing.

6.Respect other’s opinion

Being a leader doesn’t mean you have to micromanage everything. It is okay to depend on others for help. If your subordinates have any opinions, give them some thought and act accordingly. They may also have ideas that are supporting to the cause. Giving importance to your teammate’s opinion doesn’t make you a bad leader, in fact it makes you emphatic and openminded. It makes you a team player.

7.Ability to work with flexible attitudes

A good leader must be able to handle any kind of situation he may encounter. Not every person is going to be understanding and accommodating. It is the leader’s duty to deal with such situations appropriately and set a good example for their subordinates.

8.Execute proper planning (and have contingency plans)

A good leader is one who executes immaculate planning and is also ready for any fiasco that may occur. Having backups ensure that you can sail smoothly through any unforeseen circumstance.

9.Accept your mistakes

Not every plan or project is going to have a 100% success rate. In case of failures, as the team leader it is going to be your duty to analyse and accept what went wrong. Blaming your subordinates to clear the blame on yourself is only going to put you in a bad light.

Everyone can be a leader, but what is important is to stand out and be a good leader to those around you.

‘A boss has the title; a leader has the people’ – Simon Sinek

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