Is There A Need To Change Education System Of Our Country?

Manisha Mahar
May 09, 2019   •  36 views

Why don’t you get more marks than Sharma Ji’s son? He always grabs the first position. You cannot do anything in your life. You will not get job. Aren’t these words are similar to the words you might have heard from your parents. This is what we call education. In India education is only meant good marks, good job. Education is not all about what we have learnt in textbooks. It’s about life, to build character of children, to prepare him/her to face the future. Student suicidal cases come every year; the common reason behind it is the unbearable pressure of studies. There should be some changes required in our Indian education system for spreading quality education and not making it a source of pressure among students.

Let’s talk about the major issues of Indian education system.

  • Stop focusing on marks - People think that marks will define the future of a student. Grades have become a source of comparison between students. Marks add pressure and harm a person’s learning curve. This added pressure forces a student to cram up each laws, concept and theories, learning and exploring new things instead. We need Ranchoddas for our Country’s bright future not Chatur like people. Most of the colleges want high grades for entrance. What about those students who don’t get good marks. They are exhausted before their life even begins. It’s not that marks are totally useless and are not important for a strong foundation. It helps student to boost their morale for future competitions and let them know how much they need to work hard. We should not running after marks and rankings’, thinking it’s the only way for a bright future.

  • Universities and Quotas – Everybody should get an equal chance to get into universities of his/her decision. Sometimes meritorious students lag behind due to reservation or corruption. Top Universities take huge amount of money from the students for admission. Non scholars from rich background get admission easily .People buys seats in medical and engineering exams which lag behind the deserving students.

  • Promote creative and original thinking – Student cram up things which have written on textbooks. Neither do research on the topic nor try to know more about that. Internet ruined the motive of assignments, students copy paste the work and don’t even try to do the project by themselves. Research based assignments should be given to them so that their knowledge could boost up. Reward should be given to the creative and original thinkers. Their ideas and innovations should not be ignored and bring them to the higher level. Allow the students to think by their own and use of internet for research not for copying up things.

  • Smart Educators – The need for smart teachers is required for shaping up a child. Unfortunately, Indian schools and colleges are lack of them. Thousands of terrible teachers who got job by source are wasting valuable time of young children everyday allover India. They are more concerned about salary than educating children. There should be high number of smart teachers who teach students with full dedication. There should be enough number of teachers so that each can teach 30-40 students in a class and not more than that.



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Nicely said.
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Hey, I have wrote few blogs on IOT. Do have a look on them by visiting my profile.
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Sadly yes. Education is to enlighten. But nowadays it removes the light out of some lives.
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Nice article. Check on us