Braj: The Land Of Lord Krishna

Medha Singh
Jun 08, 2019   •  6 views

Mathura is small city located in between two major big cities Delhi and Agra. On the fringes of Mathura are located Vrindavan, Gokul, Barsana and Goverdhan, these all altogether when comprised under one umbrella is popular as BRAJ i.e. the land of lord Krishna.These are no less than pilgrimages for devotees of Krishna, as these places are said to have witnessed the life and glories of the lord. Each of these towns have their own history and myriads of stories are popular locally about Krishna and his mischievousness, many others might have been engulfed under the dust of time.


Lord didn’t spend much time in this city still popular as birthplace of the lord. Today’sJanambhumi temple is the exact place in the prison of which lord was born to Devki and Vasudev. Miraculously shifted on same day to Gokul to lurk away from the devil, the Kansa, king of Mathura who desired to kill him.Later, young lord returned to kill Kansa, yet again remembered as one of the prime glory of him.

Flute and cows were favorite of Krishna, he was a cowherd and said to have owned a huge herd of cow which he herded in the outskirts of Mathura and Vrindavan on the banks of the holy Yamuna.


Immediately after birth lord was taken to Gokul where he was fostered by Yashoda and Nand. Krishna was inveterately mischievous and troubled everyone by stealing their milk and butter.He enchanted everybody by killing gargantuan devils in a tender young age in this village.


Vrindavan, now is the land of temples, as there is a constellation of temples and still more burgeoning out of the soil there.Many vagrants and even foreigners can be seen wandering in the narrow lanes of the vrindavan. Innumerable glories of the past time of Krishna, playing with his friends and Raasleela (dance) with Radha have been scribbled here.


It is befitting example of the faith of Indians in inanimate objects and revering the abiotic component of their ecosystem equally. Goverdhan is a hill, and people from all over the world come here to perform parikrama (move in circle around it). It is believed that lord once lifted this hill on his small finger to protect all from the vagaries of heavy rains and storms for several days.


This town is famous worldwide for its vibrant colorful festival of holi. This festival is rejoiced over a couple of days in different forms, the most popular one is latthamaar holi of Barsana. Radha ranibelonged to this town and Famous radharani’s temple at a slant height signifies that.

Everything in these cities is considered holy and meant to be an epigraph of pastimes of the lord.