One of the most beautiful couple of mythology is considered the pair of Krishna and Rukmini. Rukmini was a royal princess from the Vedic Aryan tribe and is believed to have been born in Haridwar. She was the daughter of a powerful king of Vidarbha, Bhishmaka.

Rukmini was the first and the main consort of Krishna. Out of Krishna's 16000 wives, it was Rukmini that held a special place in the lord's heart and is known to the masses.

Why Krishna married Rukmini?

Rukmini was the princess of Vidarbha. She was deeply and insanely in love with lord Krishna. Infact, Rukmini's parents too want their daughter to be married to Krishna. However, her brother, Rukmi, was a friend of Krishna's maternal uncle Kansa and thus hated Krishna. He never wanted Rukmini to marry Krishna. Instead, he arranged Rukmini's marriage with Shishupala, Krishna's cousin. However, Rukmini did not want that. Therefore, she, through a messenger, told Krishna to rescue her from her brother's captive and told Krishna to kidnap her from the temple because she did not want to marry Shishupala and this marriage was against her will. She even asked Krishna to inform her of his presence in Vidarbha. Since the marriage was against the will of the bride to be, Krishna decided to marry Rukmini and rescue her from the plight and gloom.



How did Krishna and Rukmini got married?

Rukmini waited for a few days until finally Arjuna approached her, disguised as a maid to take Rukmini to her Kula Devi's temple. She was unsure of whether Krishna will come or not but was assured by Arjuna about Krishna's arrival to Vidarbha to kidnap her and marry her. However, Rukmi realised about this entire plan and decided to stop this escape plan of her sister. He took his army and followed Rukmini and Arjuna.

Arjuna dropped Rukmini safely in her Kula Devi's temple and returned to fight with Rukmi. Rukmini was worried and was constantly praying for Krishna to arrive at the earliest. Soon Krishna reached the Kula Devi's temple and met Rukmini who was emotional and shedding tears upon seeing his love. Simultaneously, Krishna's elder brother, Balarama too reached the battlefield to help Arjuna in his fight with Rukmi. While the duo was tackling Rukmi's army, Krishna took Rukmini and eloped with her.



On their way, they were followed by Rukmi who taunted Krishna as a thief as he stole someone's property. Krishna got furious upon Rukmi for insulting her sister and comparing her to a commodity. He took out his Sudarshan chakra and was about to kill Rukmi when Rukmini pleaded the lord to spare life of her brother. However, Krishna decided to teach Rukmi a lesson and consequently shaved his head as this is the greatest insult for a warrior. Rukmi is considered as a symbol of defeat and shame. Krishna took Rukmini to Madhavpur where they both got married.



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Rukmini and Krishna

Krishna and Rukmini is one of the most lovable and an ideal couple of Mahabharata. Though it is Radha, who is actually associated with Krishna but Rukmini is remembered as Krishna's wife. It is believed that Rukmini often complained to Krishna of not getting appropriate recognition which she must receive and it is Radha who is associated with Krishna.

Rukmini was an ideal and a devotee wife. Her love for Krishna is selfless, pious and without any treacherous feelings. However, Rukmini is associated more with Vithoba avatar of Krishna and is worshipped highly in Maharashtra. It is said that Rukmini ruled Krishna's heart. Though Radha was his lover but he can never leave Rukmini. Krishna respected Rukmini a lot and gave her the title of her first and favourite wife. She was his true partner. Krishna even seemed political advice from Rukmini. He trusted her a lot. The pair of Krishna Rukmini is considered as an ideal pair.



Children of Krishna Rukmini

Krishna in total had 80 sons. His eldest son was Pradyuman from Rukmini. Krishna and Rukmini had 10 children whose names are:- Pradyuman, Charu, Charu Deshna, Charudeha, Charuchandra, Bhadracharu, Vicharu, Sudeshna, Sucharu and Charu Gupta.


Krishna was cursed by Gandhari that as her Kaurava vansh has devastated, Krishna will also witness the end of his Yaduvansh in the similar manner. According to Mahabharata, consequently, a severe fight broke out between the Yadavas, wherein they began killing each other. Krishna was devastated with this sight and went to a forest where he fell asleep. However, a hunter named Jara, mistakenly considered sleeping Krishna as a deer and shot an arrow that pierced krishna right toe.



Krishna forgave Jara and died immediately. Upon receiving the news of the death of her husband and the Yaduvansh massacre, Rukmini, along with the Jambavati and few other remaining wives set herself on the funeral pyre of Krishna.