Hello Indians,

As we all are Indian’s , we all know what is our culture. Our culture is the most holy, respectful and best culture.Now we are going to learn about the greatness of Indian culture.

1. Maximum population of india were hindu’s. hinduism is the world’s oldest relegion.

2. We are having three main gods called “thrimoorthulu”. Those are lord brahma,lord vishnu,lord shiva. all Three gods are the creators and destroyers of nature . lord brahma known to be ‘creator’,lord vishnu known to be ‘operator’ and lord shiv known to be the ‘destroyer’.

3.all prays for god. but the real meaning of god is

G- Generator(lord Brahma) O- Operator(lord vishnu) D-Destroyer(lord shiva)

so,there is only one ‘GOD’

4.Indian culture says “Don’t touch anybody without any reason to touch”. This is now the rule for all due to corona pandemic.

5. Indian culture says “Believe in yourself rather to Blindly Believing god”.

6.India was the only country which have a huge gathering of people once in 12 years . This huge gathering will be visible from the space. It is called ‘kumbh mela’

India has so many wonders that we can’t define.

so,lets stay at home and follow the indian culture and try to get closer to god with the ‘sanathan dharma’ rules.

Jai Hind,

Thank you.