Instagram is one of the trendy platforms where kids these days seem to be into. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, this platform has got a news feed where your followers can see your posts in their news feed and similarly you’ll receive posts from the people you are following on Instagram. Instagram is thus said to the best platform to grow your social influence by generating and expanding follower base and create a community of your followers. Influencers on instagram manly use the platform to grow their brand and businesses and for that purpose, number of “likes” play a great role and maximum can be achieved by having a greater number of followers. Whenever someone visits your profile, he/she will be attracted by the number of likes on your posts and obviously number of followers!

Smart ways to get more likes!

·       Perfect hashtags for your post:

Similar to other social media platforms, in Instagram, hashtag used with each post gives you an open chance to reach to a whole new audience as just by one look into it, it tells your audience whether it’s buzzes or desperate!

So before putting a hashtag, go through the thoughts;

ü It must not be too broad or too small.

ü Must be placed in the right place

ü Don’t be shy to put an effective no hashtag

ü Try to put some branded hashtag

Just to grab more audience or to be more visible,


·       Tag people and brands:

Feel free to tag your collaborator, your childhood buddy to highlight the message how you feel for them and keep sharing your views with the audience. That makes your audience more likely to go to your page.


·       Post eye-catching photos:

On Instagram, you always have to level up as there is no room for a good enough shot.


·       Tag your location:

By tagging your position, let others to find and like your photos. Just make sure that your physical coordinate is correct enough to be appear on the map!


·       Post Consistently:

One can use content calendar app in Instagram to plan out the number of posts that is necessary to grab your follower’s attention without annoying them by compromising the quality of your post.


·       Ask Your audience to tag their Friends:

Save the best posts that people may want their friends to see or react on it. This tips is bit tricky! As probably one need to give their audience a proper reason (may be a giveaway) for it!


·       Do contribute (Like & Comment) in others post:

To expand your reach, you may interact with people by giving a thumbs up or commenting on it. As Instagram algorithm always priorities the posts from the accounts that it thinks are close. And the closeness is determined by monitoring how much accounts interact regularly with each other.


·       Ask Questions in Captions:

Ask people for their opinion is the common advice to get more attention! But now Instagram has begun to hide the number of audience who liked your post. The whole idea behind these is to depressurization of Instagram, to make it less competitive, and focus on connecting with people.


·       Stay on trend:

Keep on doing Instagram with content calendar to be ready for all the important and big dates. And stay relevant with all conversation.


Stay on Instagram to get more like and be in touch with your favorite ones!!