After getting engaged with a DOT-COM-AGENCY and after say a design and creation period of more than 2 weeks to 1 months your DREAM-DOT-COM is ready and you would want to launch it and drive business traffic and leads for your business.

How do you Launch Your New Website?

  1. Create a Blog post and talk about your products and services

    1. People tend to read blog posts more and website content less, hence you can write about your niche and how you serve the customer base better.

    2. Write blog posts with SEO Optimization so that it can rank higher in Google Search results

    3. Use a SEO tool like Yoast, to generate sitemaps and submit it to Google Search Console

  2. FREE: You do Organic Social Media Posts

    1. You post about your new website and associated services to your social media accounts

    2. You tweet regularly about:

      1. The products and services

      2. The USP that your business provides

      3. You may post a business video like a Whiteboard Animation about your services

      4. You may give a link to your blog posts one by one and drive traffic

    3. You may do the same for other social media platforms like:

      1. FaceBook

      2. YouTube

      3. LinkedIN

      4. Instagram

  3. Have a powerful exit-intent software installed in your website so that you can capture leads easily

  4. Send e-mails to your existing customers about what has been newly introduced in your website

  5. FREE: Do growth hacking by adding your website details to your email signature about your new website. Now every email recipient will get to see your website link and will likely click on it.

  6. You can do lots of paid promotion to get quality, concerned traffic to your website. The following are the digital marketing ways

    1. Google Ads

      1. PPC/AdWords

      2. Display

      3. YouTube

    2. FaceBook

    3. Instagram

    4. Twitter

    5. LinkedIN

  7. Remarketing is a way in which if a user comes to your website, he will see your display ads everywhere on every Google AdSense enabled website, on FaceBook and on LinkedIN. This is easily affordable in Google AdSense and is a bit costlier in FaceBook and LinkedIN. It’s said that the chances of conversion increase 600% times if a business is using Remarketing.