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The development of any country, its society, and its economic stability depend on its education system. It is said that if you want to destroy a country, destroy its top 5 educational institutes and the country will automatically be destroyed. If you want to hold the progress of western civilization, hold down the top five universities of Western countries and their progress will end. In the past, the British used the same method to bring us down. Not just us, they use the same method to hold down all the Commonwealth countries in the past.

Now let us understand our education system. When we study, we are given a question and we have to briefly write down the answer. For example, a question is given “Explain about the universe in brief”, and the answer of this question is already written in our books and we just have to remember the answer for the exam. So tell me, is it our exam or the exam of our capability to remember things. When a student studies for the exam, he/she studies the question which is present in his/her syllabus and to write down the answers in the exam. If someone has a good capability to remember things, he/she doesn’t need to study the whole year but only in the last month, even then they can score good marks. But other countries don’t follow this procedure, in their universities and schools, a question is given to students and students have to find their own answer. They are free to use the internet, books, can ask their parents or guardian. Students create their own answer according to their understanding and experience. This type of education system also tests our creativity, we find many answers to one question and increase our knowledge and develop our brain.

So, why our Education system is different? The answer is British rulers. They want to conquer to Commonwealth countries, they don’t need highly educated people but only who can do their mathematics and paperwork. They destroyed our Gurukul education system and established their own according to their own needs. That’s the reason we don’t have researchers like Aryabhatt for a very long time after the Mughal and British period. But after the independence, our Education system changes and now we are able to produce world-class scientists and researchers. But still we are not able to entirely wipe out the education system, the Britishers established here and many schools and colleges still follow the same education system.



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