As a day scholar student, I commute forabout2 hours every day, to and from my college. So, when I look at all my friends living in the hostel, I become really envious. I feel that staying in a hostel has a lot of advantages.

First of all, there's no time wasted in commuting to and from college. Without all the travelling, you definitely won't feel tired. The time, we, day scholars spend commuting,can bespent byhostellersfor resting. How convenient! Imagine how many movies and shows you could during this time! All this extra time becomes much more valuable during the examination period.

Secondly, you can make new friends easily. I know that everyone can do this, but being ahosteller, you are always surrounded by other students, so you somehow end up knowing almost everyone in the hostel. Your friend circle grows immensely.

Most importantly, if you forget something, you can just go back to your room within the campus and get it. Imagine, forgetting your assignment book at home on the last day of submission, hostellers definitely can't relate. How reassuring!

Then, during the exam period, you and your friends can study together. You can get your doubts clarified by someone, or get a concept explained, anytime. It's somuch betterthan studying all alone. You can borrow textbooks and study materials,wheneveryou want.

Next, your family is not there to judge everything you do. Don't get me wrong, I am against you hiding anything from your family members. But, you don't wantto bejudged every single minute of the day. When I have these moments, I feel living in the hostel would have beenmuch better. No parental supervision, whatsoever.

Another one of the perks is that you get a taste of the outside world while you are still in college. You come across all kinds of people in a hostel. Through this, you learn to adjust, and deal with all sorts of people. This is nothing compared to theso-called“cruel world”, as our parents call it. But at least you get a taste of it.

Not to forget all the fun you have with your friends. There is not a moment youare boredin the hostel.

Whenever, I remember these perks, I do feel jealous. But, I figured that being a day scholar is not all bad either, except for the commute.Being a day scholar, I can always come home to my family, which is always the best thing. I get to go everywhere, without any restriction and I have my personal space.

So, it's not about which one is best. You can always make either one work. All these "comparisons" are just in your head. Just like the saying :

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.