When we talk about friends, we all had remembered the famous proverb which says, a friend in need is a friend indeed which proves to be true. In this world, full of fake faces we come across so many people and meet new people regularly, but not all of them are our friends. But there are still people who are pure from heart and are bounteous and big-hearted, they are people on whom you can count on, they always stand by you in any condition, always trust in your decision. You have no need to be friends with everyone, just be friends with those on whom you can depend for anything and they should always help you to counter the toughest situation you are facing.

For me, in my school life, I have friends as no one can ever have. I got into the bond of friendship with most unexpectable people. I had never imagined that the people who don’t like me because they thought I have an attitude problem ultimately became my friends, and not like friends for benefit but friends for real life, friends for taken the bond of friendship longer than life. I spend the most beautiful feeling of being a best friend with someone in those years of school. The fact that we were separated because of the changes of streams in higher studies, because of study pressure we don’t talk with each other for a week or more time, but we all still share the same bond and intensity whenever we met. The days when we studied together, we helped each other to overcome any situation. You know everyone fights, and what we fight for was our lunch, everyone’s mom makes delicious food and we crave for food from each other’s mom, which ultimately leads us to fight for it. We do very bad dance moves during the lunch breaks, we do the Gangnam Style and so much more in front of the whole class.

After the legendary life of the school, we all entered the college; here we were again separated by different choices of streams.

But in college, there is again a proverb which says, with the person you sit with on the first day of your college, he or she will always be your friend or say best-friend. You know she is a person with the most intellectual and logical argument behind every topic. She is a diehard fan of Sallu or Salman Khan. I met her on the very first day of the college, she was sitting alone though I called her to give me some company as in because I was also sitting alone. She is a very vulnerable person and she is very beautiful, with her I share a really strong bond, we share the same interests, playlist, we chill together for long hours and we share every problem of our life. In true means I love my best friends. I can count on them in every situation and they can also count on me. She teaches me how to be vulnerable, how to be confident and also the most important how to tackle every situation. I am very thrilled to have her. With her, I have met more friends with whom I share the firm bond of friendship with trust and love.

There are so much more to tell but words are not enough.

You know true friends are also like one soul with two bodies, until you have trust on each other and you share the same bond, even if you don’t talk to each other you don’t have worry because for them your bond can never be changed even if you are miles apart.



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Very well written!!Please check out my articles too!!
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Iloveyou my clllg bestieee❤️