The world we live in is developing rapidly. We are breaking down some stereotypes and becoming more open minded, as compared to the previous generations. We are learning to accept the differences present in the society. That is why we are so much better than the previous generations. Is this true? Are we really open minded? I do not think so, and it is true that we are still not that accepting about everything.

We are still the same. If we find anything out of ordinary in others, we judge them fast. If people don’t meet the standards set by the society, they are judged. If you are doing something different, you are the talk of the town. It has become a common practise to view different things as strange things. In a sense that, if people do not know something and hear it for the first time, they look at it as if it is of low standards. Suppose, I like listening to K-pop, something you have never heard about. Then, I tell you that it is Korean music, you immediately look at me strangely and ask me how I listen to it. What right do you have to judge me, for listening to K-pop, without knowing what it really is? How do you know it is bad without even listening to it? It is like judging a book by its cover. It is similar to saying that a flying fox is a fox, when it is actually a squirrel.

Getting good grades is not equivalent to always studying. Getting bad grades is not equivalent to not studying at all. Shedding tears is not a sign of weakness. Never shedding tears is not a sign of strength. Reading books does not mean a person is a nerd. Not listening to adults does not mean you are cool. Listening to your parents does not mean you are a mama’s boy or girl. A girl is not always weak. A boy is not always strong.

This is how people judge others. Based on the single point, they observe in others. It is like they have these equations in mind. If a person satisfies that equation, they automatically possess that quality. It takes a very long time to know everything about a person. But just by looking at one trait we come to a conclusion. Aren’t we geniuses?

Unfortunately, our genuineness is wrong. When we judge something without knowing everything about it, we are just making assumptions. It is not the truth. So, before you judge someone or something, think twice. If you don’t know everything, don’t judge.



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@KhushiBharoria Thank you
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Nice article!