“My mouth is dry. I lick my lips. I can hear my heart pounding. My face feels like it’s on fire. My palms are sweaty, I wipe them on my shirt. I thought I could do this, tell them everything; they’re good people, they’ll understand. I want to talk but...I can’t. I lost my voice. Again.” - Zariyaaa

Can you read minds?

Well the bad news is that you can't but the good news is that no one around you can, either. Which is why you’ve got to work a little harder to express yourself, otherwise how will anyone know about what do you want or need from them?

It’s okay, we understand that you might not be comfortable to talk just yet. The first few words always take a little extra breath and a whole lot of strength to push us forward to talk. Believe me, all of us have been there. Don't you agree?

Imagine the best talker you know and preach. Everybody talks to them, they’re so popular, they have the best life ever. Now picture them in a highly humiliating position (Dressed a clown, hanging upside down from the Eiffel Tower, whatever. Let your imagination run wild.) Now, ask them to talk. Can they? Lol, no.

See how talking is difficult for everyone? But how come everyone’s doing it? Because it gets easier the more you do it. Like cycling or running. You’re gonna fall, you’re gonna be so tired, but it’s good for you. You know it is. And it makes you feel better when you’re done, doesn’t it?

(Oh! I just realised where the phrase ‘run your mouth’ came from.)

It’s funny how they spend the first two years of your life teaching you to speak, then the rest of it telling you to shut up. Like, why don’t you let me decide what I want to do?

We don’t talk much. Because nobody’s listening. And we don’t know if they’re listening because they care for us or because they have to. Can we trust them to do rightby us? If yes, then we can try to be brave; to speak our minds.

Why should I talk?

  • Talk, because one mind is not enough to understand everything.

  • Talk, because it’s necessary to know that you’re not suffering alone.

  • Talk, because you cannot possibly start the process of healing till you voice your issues, accept them and are ready to get rid of them.

  • Talk, because you need to shed the dead weight of the emotions that refuse to let you rise from your misery.

  • Talk, to build positive relationships around you so that you’re able to feel secure in your sorrows.

  • Talk, not because you always want to be heard by others, but to listen to your own voice, of what it’s trying to tell you.

  • Talk, because you only think you know what they’re going to say.

  • Talk, because your silence will only feed your insecurities more.

  • Talk, because it takes merely 2 seconds to assume and ruin a relationship you spent an entire lifetime building.

We often forget that humans are social beings that thrive in positive social relationships. We all want somebody with whom we can share our feelings.

Humans have the gift of giving voice to their thoughts. Words have the power to change our lives. But only if we allow them to.