Good communication skills are not about earning your benefit from others but it is all about learning things from them.

Having good and effective communication skills is a necessary habit that should be developed by everyone and will benefit them at some point in time in their lives belonging to any field of interest. Making your communication skills better can be done by a number of ways but even a minor mistake can show your poor communication skills. There are many essential things you should keep in mind while communicating with others. Let's discuss some of them:

Listen first

This is the biggest quality a good communicator possesses. Many people don't try to listen and understand others and start putting their point of view first.

A good listener is always a good speaker.

If you jumble the letters of "Listen", you will get the word "Silent". The meaning of the word is there in the word itself. First, listen with silence and then react accordingly with the situation. Unless you listen to what they are trying to communicate, you won't be able to react to them and then communicate with them effectively. Otherwise, it will lead to a never-ending argument.

•Listen to them with full focus.

•Understand their thoughts using your knowledge and experience

•Make them understand yourself with effective communication.

"The biggest reason for poor communication skills is that we don't listen to understand, we listen to reply."

Body Language

Your body language speaks itself how interested you are to listen to them. You should be confident enough to prove your point and carrying on as a discussion instead of arguments. You must have a pleasant smile on your face so that others are interested in your thoughts and are compelled to discuss everything pleasantly. A too-big smile may also break your bonds with them, as they would think that want to talk to them unnecessarily. Correct body posture and proper eye contact are the next two important things that should be truly kept in mind while communicating with others. These three things prove that you are listening to them and will thus give the best answers possible.


If any of your friends come to you to tell their problem or to share their happiness with you, what do you actually do? Only listening to them will not work as they will understand that you are bored with their talks. Ask relevant questions to them and indulge properly to communicate properly. Just put yourself in his/her situation then the words will automatically come and you don't have to show it to them. Proper indulgence in their situation will make the communication more strong and thus you will be able to suggest the best to them.

Tone of voice

Even if your language is good enough, you are in your proper body language but there is no difference in your tone of voice, all will be ruined. Changes in your voice tone like ups and downs according to the requirements, excitement, sadness, anger, politeness makes your point more strongly than before.

Argument or Discussion

It makes a huge difference in your communication skills when you are arguing with someone and when you are discussing with someone. Arguments only lead to conflict at the end and no one actually wins. Peaceful discussion leads to the solution of the problem.

• Peace of mind

• Patience

• Listening carefully

These contribute to proper discussion rather than an irrelevant argument.

Thus, you should always keep in mind the above points for making your communication skills better and end with a healthy discussion. Even keeping yourself silent is an important part of good communication skills and it speaks more than a thousand words.

Don't waste your words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes, the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.



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