Sympathy or a feeling of pity is a negative aspect that doesn’t cope up well with life. It has been in the society since ages, showcasing a person’s emotional stability. Our personal life and our emotional quotient have no impact on others, it is a factor of hindrance or expedite in our own lives. Our emotional dealings with the world have a greater influence on ourselves. Unfortunately, we are addicted to blame the situations for our state of being.

Occasionally, we can see people sympathizing the participants in reality TV shows. It surely is great for their TRP ratings. The participants take this as an opportunity to seek votes. Does it mean that a person with no talent but a harsh life has to win the contest? Not at all, life is fair for every being on this planet, one will acquire his belongings whenever he is destined to. The factor that makes sympathy a negative aspect is the person at receiving end starts expecting uncommon gifts from life. Expectations lead to disappointments if not worthy. What effect does this have on a person’s everyday life? It destroys his self-esteem and his confidence to gear up and work. The motive of productivity is lost, the element of courage is dismantled, the mind is occupied by negative thoughts and the sorrow for oneself invades life.

Why do people get trapped in the net of sympathy? One has to start investigating from their inside. The aspect of sympathy is connected not only with oneself but also with the important acquaintances of one’s life whose memory maybe blissful or unfavourable. Better the memory, lesser the sympathy. Sympathy connects the human mind to his past references of melancholic memories which in turn affect the present. One starts to experience dips in a pool of sorrow when the references arrive. Emotional stability will reach a brink of degradation.

Wisdom is the solution to overcome sympathy and gain enthusiasm. Trick the mind and make it believe that the state of being is of great significance and see wonders happen involuntarily. Inherit the act of reacting to positivity and inhibit the optimistic outlook on life. The human mind can be tricked easily and one who learns this art can conquer heights that may seem impossible. There is only a small leap to pass through the fragile window which has wisdom and expectancy on the either sides.

The agility of mind lies in the belief system of human life.