1. Today there is a lot talk about environment. All nations are coming to an agreement to save the planet earth. Like we pollute the earth, we also pollute the subtle environment through our negative feelings and emotions. We have become a victim of our environment. We are not in control of our mind. We hear a lot about other things in life but we spend very little time to hear about ourselves. How to handle our mind ? How to be in the present moment? How to be happy and grateful? This we have not learnt.This is the most unfortunate thing. Then what is the solution? This is where we miss a very fundamental principle that governs our mind, our emotions and our life in general.

  2. Our body has the capacity to sustain much longer the vibration of bliss and peace than it does negative emotions because positivity is in the centre of our existence. But it is surrounded by a cloud of negative ions. Through the help of the breath we can easily get over our negative emotions in a short period of time. Through meditation and certain breathing techniques, we can clear the negative cloud. 

  3. The life has so much offer to you.You can see this once you can take sometime off,rejuvenating the soul.Your soul is hungry for a smile from you. If you could give this you feel energised the whole year and nothing whatsoever can take the smile from you. 

  4. Everyone wants to be successful in life. But without knowing what is success, you cannot be successful. What are the signs of success ? Just having a lot of money. Do you think money means successful. Because money gives to freedom to do whatever you want. No, it is not the sign of success. It is confidence, compassion, generosity and a smile that none can snatch away, being really happy and being able to be more free. These are the signs of a successful person. 

  5. Take sometime off to look a little deep into oneself and calm the mind down. Thus erasing all the impressions that we carry in our minds and experience the presence, the divine that is the very core of our existence. This is real feeling of presence.