Where You Should Be What

Hello everybody!!! I am back with my articles to trigger your mind with various topics and insights.

Today's world has seen different kinds of people. Here I am talking about something which is common amongst every person in this world, no matter what their educational, professional or financial background is. 

Want to take a guess? Okay then, let me give you a hint. It is related to the basic human nature. You might have guessed it by now so let me continue. 

People are generally of two types when it comes to their emotional side. One, completely emotional and the other completely practical. These two types are the ones which is known to everybody. Since I have already spoken about emotions in one of my previous articles, let me focus on the other topic "Practicality". 

First, what do you mean by Practicality? The aspects of a situation that involve the actual doing or experience of something rather than theories or ideas.To further elaborate, to have a realistic approach which is possible in real life and helps us to solve problems in an effective manner. To give out solutions which are applicable in situations and helps us get out of them. This is what practicality actually means. 

People know the meaning of being practical but does anyone really know how practicality applies to their lives and how it will help us to cope up with this super fast changing world?

Today's world needs tough people who can handle any situation and face the crowd and emerge successful and satisfied with what they have done. While successful is being practical, being satisfied is an emotion. When a person is affected with emotions, they forget the practical aspects of the situation. He does not even consider a practical solution for the situation. He tries to find a solution only by thinking in an emotional manner. This is how emotional people think. 

Whereas a practical person always analyses the situation, tries to find alternate solutions and solve the situation. A practical person never mixes his emotions with situations that require practicality. Practical people know that to reach a certain point, it is necessary to take risks and to make mistakes. 

Many people say that being practical makes you emotionless but no. Being practical means to think in a straightforward manner, analyse the situation and act accordingly. This does not mean that the person does not have emotions or no EQ. There are people who are more practical than emotional and still lead a happy and satisfied life and have good relationships and are socially aware of people around them. 

People should understand that practicality does not mean you are not being human. It only means that you are trying to get out of a situation or trying to solve a problem in a different manner. Being practical helps us stay rooted in the present which is very important if we want to progress further.

It is your choice. Whether you want to stay completely emotional or completely practical or have the best of both and you understand where you have to be what.