We all feel stressed, anxious, worried, tense, sad, scared or sometimes just feel off about things. And most of the time we know how to deal with it and feel better.

Here are some suggestions for when you’re not feeling good about yourself because we all know, that moment does come now and then.

Relaxation Techniques

You try to relax both your body and mind. Gradually you feel a difference. You feel more centered and calm. That’s the goal.

Deep Breathing

Breathe the rainbow. Take slow, deep breaths and imagine your favorite things, matching them with each color from the rainbow. Why? Because this will lower your heart rate and relax your muscles. And it rejuvenates you and you feel good about yourself.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

When anxious, you tend to feel tension in your muscles, sometimes hold your breath. This simple two-step process helps relieve physical tension.

  1. Tense specific muscle (say, your arm, leg, shoulders) and hold on for 5 seconds.

  2. Release the muscle and see how you feel. Work head to toe with all your muscles like this. You’ll understand your body better.

Create A Relaxation Kit

This includes all the things that help you relax. Like: music, coloring books, toys, sandbox, clay, books, candies; anything that makes you feel better.

Write It

Writing is like venting out your thoughts and emotions. You often don’t feel like bothering others with your problems so you might keep the worries in your mind rather than sharing. Spending 15 minutes to jot them down can help sort them out.

Write And Tear

Write or draw your worries on a piece of paper. Then read them out loud to yourself while standing in front of the mirror. Then tear them up. Because now you can not only accept what’s troubling you but also let go of it.

Sweet And Sour Diary

Keeping a diary and penning down what worries you helps you see how your anxious thoughts have improved over the time. No write good things that happened to you along with the stresses. Because this breaks you out of the negativity.


What we often forget is that we have the control. We can talk back to our brain and break the vicious cycle of worry.Just as anxiety makes us feel powerless, talking back to our anxiety helps in gaining control of the situation. And you feel empowered.

Boss Your Worry

You know, why don’t you say it? “I can handle this.” “It’s nothing. I can do it.” “The situation is under my control.” Fake it till you make it.


Keep a check on your thoughts. Whenever an intrusive thought overwhelms you and starts getting bigger in your head, break that thought cycle by stopping it and saying “No, that’s not true.”
The thing is you’re the clear winner. Because the stress doesn’t exist if you don’t let it. And that’s what you’ll do.

“You are bigger and way stronger than your fears.” - Zariyaaa