In the world of the 21st century, a world full of rush and crowd, we need to have that experience of being not dependent upon someone whether it is our parents or someone else. We need to have that experience of being independent, being on our own in terms of livelihood and in terms of handling the problems. If we are dependent upon someone then we won't be able to enjoy every moment of our life which is necessary for us. We need to see the world with a different view and angle and it can only happen if we will become independent. The more we will see the more experienced we will be.

Dependency upon someone makes people conserve which is not so good. Being conservative and confined effects on our mindset. It affects the way we live, the way we see things, the way we talk to someone. For example, if a person is to really depend upon anyone and he or she never speaks first, it means, he or she never gives his or her opinion directly. Then it is going to get very hard for that person in the future because one day that person will have to live upon his or her own, no one is going be with the person every time. The time will come when that person will be alone, even for a few moments, but he or she will be alone then what that person will do. How that person will react, interact, handle everything? So it is better to have this kind of experience. So that it won't become a big sudden change for them.

How to become independent

The first thing that one should do to become independent is to put his or her viewpoint directly. They should not deliver their opinion with the help of someone. One needs to generate its viewpoint strongly. The second thing is that one should always start doing their work on their own. Whatever is the work, whether it is about cooking food or washing clothes or about going somewhere for his or her own work, they should always do it on their own. The next and the most vital thing to become is independent in this 21st century is being financially independent. Earning some amount of money and managing the pocket money by ourselves is not that hard in modernization world. Internet is enough to earn some amount of money and to manage the pocket. Suppose if someone is a student, so it is very hard to manage the study and the part-time job. So what they can do is to work for 1 to 2 hours a day upon some website and can earn enough.

At last, I want to say that if you will be dependent upon someone then you can't fulfill your rights but if you are independent then you can enhance your rights.