The fear of losing people is called THANTOPHOBIA.

Several people suffer from this fear. I too have suffered from it. Its really difficult to overcome it,but not impossible.

  • When we lose someone by ours or their choice

If we lose someone by their choice, then we gotta respect their decision and move on because then there is no reason to stay in a relation which has only one side of approval.

When we lose someone by our choice. Then a lot of things come in our mind. One byof it is loosing our happiness. For overcoming this reason we gotta understand that our happiness is in our hands not in someone else's. Its our life, its our decision. We shouldn't care if the other person does not respect our decision. We should not change our decison for someone else.

We gotta accept this bitter truth that there is no one in this whole world whom we can trust fully or expect happiness from them except our parents.

So we should remember that its our life our happiness and we can achieve it independently. We don't need to make someone control over life.

  • When we lose someone by their death

We should understand the fact that death is uncertain. I agree that this can give you a lot of pain, sadness but we cant put our life on hold.

We should pray for their next life. I know that we think that we may loose our support. The death of a person can be overwhelming, frightening and painful. The best way to overcome is by accepting the fear, by accepting the loss. We should become emotionally strong enough to overcome it.

At the end i would say that we should always have to courage to overcome any fear that we have.  I know that its very difficult but i also know that if we have a strong dedication to it we can do anything we want. 

Thinking will not overcome the fear, but action will


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