The Stranger's Smile That Raised My Moment.

Kritika Jain
Jul 08, 2019   •  5 views

The moment when I tried to conquer my fear,

The moment when I tried to face my fear,

The moment when I tried to end my fear,

Is when that stranger's smile raised the moment for me.

We all are having some fears in our life and that’s not a big deal but facing those fears is.

In our childhood we all have faced the fear of being the speaker, being under the spotlight at the stage while speaking, at least once in our life.

Even I had the stage fear and thanks to my teachers who made me conquer it, but here the story is not mine.

The story is about Shantanu and the stranger's smile that changed his life.

Shantanu was a very studious boy. He was always one of the session toppers but he never participated in any co-curricular activities. His teachers were concerned about his overall development. So, they asked him to participate as a comparer in the annual function event of the school.

Can anybody guess what was Shantanu’s reaction?

If you are guessing it as "yes", then so sorry my dear you are wrong. He bluntly and nervously said "no" to his teachers whom he never disobeyed.

All the teachers were shocked when they came to know about his reaction. Ofcourse, his teachers forced him to do it. Then after trying and seeing all the tantrums, even they were unable to convince him to do so. Then his Principal ma'am called him and asked the reason for him to discard this opportunity. He said ma'am I can't speak in fluency, I will definitely fumble in front of so many people in the audience. Somehow, his principal ma'am convinced him by inspiring him by telling the story of Hritik Roshan that despite of having a fumbling issue, he did so many movies and overcame all his fears and problems and now he is such a great speaker now, and how he speaks in such a fluency that no one can think that he fumbled in the past. All this influenced him and he decided to give it a try and face his stage fear of public speaking i.e. Glossophobia.

He worked hard, he was all ready to face his fear and the day came.

He went to the stage to conquer it by collecting all his courage and positive attitude in his personality. He started his welcome speech but suddenly his mic went off due to a power cut and it was all dark. All children who were sitting over there started hooting that made him nervous.

Then somehow electricians managed to turn on all the air conditioners and a spot light at Shantanu as he was on the stage which made him more nervous. Even then he tried, he started the speech from where he left but suddenly due to nervousness he fumbled in between and all the children started hooting and laughing but one of the children who he was not able to see due to the lights signals him to keep going and gave him a smile that filled courage and positive vibes in him. He just nailed it after that as he was unstoppable.

After concluding the event he was curious to know whose smile raised the moment for him.

After the event his teachers stopped him for praising him and motivating him to keep participating which delayed him to know about the stranger as the auditorium where the event was going on was getting empty.

That smile remained stranger to him but that gave him the mantra of success in his life. After that whenever he felt nervous and felt like quitting a situation he closed his eyes and relived the moment everytime.

That stanger's smile always motivated him to conquer every situation in his life.

Sometimes few people make such differences to us and raise the moments for us.