If being with him makes you weak on your knees then run away, he is not the guy for you.

Because with the right person you will be at peace.

You will feel safe and you will be happy like never before.

It's weird because being with that person will actually give you courage that you have been missing.

You will actually be the bravest of yourself simply because their energy, their vibes matches with you and you somehow feel content.

You end up doing the things you have always been afraid of.

You are the most comfortable self with him.


He will unlock the side of yours which was hidden from the world.

He will heal all your wounds which you din’t even knew existed.

His touch doesn't make you hype but puts you at peace, it soothing, it calming.

His jokes doesn't make you laugh but makes you happy.

Being with him the time just flies because you get lost in each other so much that you forget the world around you.

Its magical, surreal and the most true thing you can earn.

If you think that you always had walls around your heart and he did not only climbed those but shattered them and made a home in your heart. Then he is special.

If you think you always take time to build friendships with people because you really don't trust people but he, he just had such amazing vibes and goddamned perfect personality that you couldn’t help but let you in. Then he is special.

He gives you courage to trust him with everything.

He gives you courage to be comfortable with him.

He gives you courage to be weak in front of him.

And if you truly believe that your heart was never this brave.

Then he is special.


No matter how dead you feel inside, his voice always fills the life within you.

His words hit you like a warm hug that even If the whole world had said those exact same words, its only after listening from him you are actually able to calm yourself. Some people are just magical.

And if you are lucky enough to find him, keep him close and love him because he is the right person.