Yesterday We Were Close But Today We Are Strangers

Khushi B
Dec 02, 2019   •  59 views

Sometimes I wonder how can you be like this?

Like, yesterday we were talking as if we are a couple, talking for almost all night and on the topics which I never thought we'd converse.

But today?

Today, we are back to being strangers.

Back to freaking one square.

It seems like all the conversation we had yesterday meant nothing to you.

Here, I am thinking about you.

Thinking about the things I said, things you said but you seem to be lost in your own world where I don't exist anymore.

Do those things cross your mind too, the things I said, the things you said?

Do you also wonder how I felt about a particular text you sent ?

Do you regret sending me a text?

Are you embaress about a text of yours ?

Was there a text that impressed you way too much?

Was there anything I said that made you wonder ?

Was there a text that showed you a different side of mine?

How ?

How can we be so distant after being so close ?

How can you forget about me while I remember everything you said ?

It's strange how you can be special to someone and just a stranger the other day.

I am sure you have faced such a situation in your life where you are asking such question to yourself and wanna ask the other person too.

It's weird, isn't it? How people can pretend so well. Pretend as if your conversation never happened.

But somewhere I feel, people end up behaving like this because that's what they are told by everyone.

It is one of the worst thing about our generation that they want to keep everything very "cool", they don't want to do any efforts and just be very casual about everything.

And if someday they do end up expressing their feelings in direct or indirect way they think that now we should maintain distance because yesterday "we did too much" and somehow they are embarrassed of this.


They think that being "too serious" might scare off the other person as maybe other person wants a casual thing. Or to put it in simple words they don't want to be "chep" or "over emotional".

Like, why does showing feeling considered weak?

Why do we have to pretend as if we are cool and have no feelings


How does not talking solve anything ?

Either be mature and be straight forward about your feelings or just don't do anything but please don't leave the other person hanging in the between.

It honestly takes a toll on that person because they end up questioning everything they said and end up blaming themselves when it isn't even their fault.

Other reason people might behave like this is because of this trend that "Kat gaya". This thing is just so toxic. Because of this fear people think it's better to never take a chance and let it be because they feel it's better to suck up their feeling than to be rejected by someone. Which results in pile of unexpressed emotions making you someone who never expressed and is a close person.

So, please get rid of your "cool phase" and express, express as much as you can because maybe this fear will end up taking one of the the best things of your life from you.



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