Every group of friends have a mixture of people with different traits, some would be very strict, some very conscious, some very casual, some very ignorant and some funny ones. But today let me tell something about the last ones.

The person whom we address as “funny”, is the one who is more sad, more depressed, more lonely. This person tries to fix your life, help you overcome disappointments by cracking lamest jokes to most funniest one, just to make you laugh. Weird, right?

Well that’s the truest fact that you and I would ever gonna listen to or read to. Finding our own happiness in others laughter, is quite difficult for the ones labeled as “matured ones’, but the funny ones live this way.

Their jokes, their habits are things everyone loves to enjoy. But the heartbreak is when, that person is said to be “annoying”, ‘irritating”. And this was the truest and saddest truth I will ever gonna tell you. The same person who tried making you laugh, the same person whose presence is never felt, but absence pinches your soul is no more termed to funny but annoying.

Why? Why is there a sudden change of behavior? Just because you are done with them? Just because you don’t need anyone because you are all healed up

That person tried their best to make you laugh, make you happy being themselves alone and depressed. And to be honest, doing this takes a lot of courage.

Appreciate everyone in your life instead of criticizing or demotivating them. You never know when table turns and you will face the same de-motivation, hurt, disrespect. The word “ANNOYING”, “IRRITATING”, “EVERYTHING IS FUNNY FOR YOU”, aren’t just words, they are like needles pinching the heart of these lovely people who loves spreading happiness.  They only have the motive of spreading the vibes of laughter, happiness, joy.



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