Falling In Love With Someone's One Version ?

Khushi B
Jun 03, 2019   •  33 views

No relation is perfect and it is not always happy and romantic sometimes it will get boring, some days will come when you'll not feel like talking.

But commitment is commitment and you love them.

Don't let the temporary situation affect the person who is permanent in your life

You see, We fall in love with someone's one version and we expect them to stay like that always but they never do.

That's simply because they are human and no one is perfect.No one can always stay happy, no one can always stay sad.

Everyone goes through some situations or phases in life which demands a different version of them for eg. Exam time or some family problem whatever.

And just because you fell in love with their one version doesn't mean they'll stay like that forever. People change, they really do.

But, sometimes that change is necessary and most of the time that change is temporary. Temporary because they are going through some rough patches of life which somewhat changes them. But, that doesn't mean they are not how they were before. They are like that only, trust me. Because the core values the person have are always there. They may learn something new or may unlearn something but what they are, Who they are is always there.

You just need to be sure of what they actually are.

That was their one version and this is their another. And if you really care for them and claim that you love them. Then love their this version too. Because it is them only just in another version.

If they are meant to be in your life they'll stay and make the thing happen. If not, then you will get to know that when you are supposed to know. Till that time, just trust them and help them get through their this version.

And don't let your insecurities hit you or make you believe that they have changed and would remain like this, NO. It is not like that. It's just you over thinking everything and making assumptions and problems that don't even exist.

Don't let your mind fool you, your thoughts are not facts. Let them come and go.

You just trust that person for once and see where you both will go.

They love you and you love them. Nothing else matter.
Trust and have patience.
Everything will be okay.



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