Little Things That Matter !

Jul 14, 2019   •  9 views

Little things aren't little just because the word is little:p. In fact its the best and far big than one thinks. One single life isn't enough to experience and live all the moments in life. The list of those little things that really matter are as follows :-

  • Being outside when the weather is just right.

  • When you turn on the TV and your favorite movie is just starting.

  • Coffee arriving at the perfect drinking temperature.

  • The elevator arriving the second you push the button.

  • The smell of rain on pavement and the view of climate just after the rain.

  • 100% charge on your phone.

  • Getting appreciation even for the small things you do in some one's life because in this busy lifestyle getting appreciation for little things is beyond anything.

  • Someone staring at you (straight into eyes particulary ) everyone can stare but eye to eye stare of the right person is a blessing.

  • Deep conversation with the right person is priceless

  • Understanding the lecture in a class at the first attempt.

  • ​When someone (special ) gives you a icecream treat in the midnight at a highway and feeds you with their own hand <3.

  • ​When people understand your silence and consoles you with their silent eye contact ( saying I'm their! with their eyes.)

  • That moment when people understand your mood swings and still not fight or argue with you.

  • ​The smile and satisfying look of a kid when they stare at you :) and the way they catch your hand with their tiny tiny fingers ^_^.​

  • The love which finds a way and meets you at a perfect time is a beyond thing

  • The everlasting care from the right person.

  • ​When you see a person (you admire ) name in the notification section is the best feeling ever. (the comments, liking your post,tagging you in a post,anythingrelating to you and that person )

  • ​The smile when you get when you are conversing with the person you adore.

  • ​Those sudden surprises people often make on your special day without expecting anything in return except a smile on your face after witnessing the surpriseis a true blessing.

  • ​When an old friend talks with you with a smile after seeing you for a long time.

Ok ! now after reading all this do you still think they are little things? A big no isn't?? because life without this small things is of no use . It's like a icecream with no toppings. So cherish each and every little thing in life and make your own icecream with the toppings of your choice. Don't forget to appreciate the little things in someone's life.