Ram:Scion Of Iskhvaku- A Review

Kabir Gupta
Aug 18, 2019   •  150 views
DISCLAIMER: This book review has not been sponsored by Amish Tripathi, the author or Westland, the publisher. This is the writer’s personal review of the book Ram- Scion of Ikshvaku.

AUTHOR: Amish Tripathi

PUBLISHER: Westland Publications Ltd.

PAGES: 354

PRICE: ₹350


Ram: Scion of Ikshvaku is the first book in the Ramchandra series by Amish Tripathi. The book was earlier titled “Scion of Ikshvaku”. The change of name was due to the fact that the three main characters of the book had the book by their name so Amish thought why not change the title of this book too. So the title was changed to “Ram: Scion of Ikshvaku”. This book can be called a modern take on the Amish’s stories are deeply visual to the sense that you can even imagine the minute detail while reading the book. The story starts with Emperor Dashrath being defeated by Raavan, the head of the security forces of the kingdom of Lanka. Dashrath in turn is so devastated that Ayodhaya begins to decline after the war. Raavan the king of Lanka begins to suck the wealth from the saptsindhu by reducing Ayodhaya’s profits to mere 10%.

Ram:Scion of Ikshvaku takes you on an emotional ride depicting the life of Lord Ram from his birth to the point when Lady Sita is kidnapped. Set in 3400 BCE the story is mind-blowing. Amish has found a unique way to retell the Ramayana and thereby introducing the youth to our great epic. At a time when most of the people are forgetting about our Indian culture and are finding it to be a backward kind of thing, Amish’s books come to the rescue.

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Lord Ram otherwise known as prince Ram was born the day King Dashrath was defeated by Raavan. As a result whole of Ayodhaya including the king blame Ram for their defeat and decline. Due to this he is hated by everyone. Everyone shouts for a leader who can bring them out of the morass. Little do they know that the leader is amongst them. A tortured and ostracised prince. A prince called Ram. He is the only one who stands for the law, for the dharma. He loves his country even when his countrymen hate him.

As we all know that Lord Ram was an ardent follower of the law, therefore he also suffered the most as the police chief. As Ram and his brothers grow and train under Guru Vashishtha they develop certain distinct characteristics – Ram is the ideal follower of rules Laxman has strength Bharat is a pursuer of freedom and creativity while Shatrughan is a seeker of knowledge. In their years theyunderstand how inefficient their father is as a king but Ram being the eldest and ideal shall not rebel against his own father no matter how ill he treats him. Ram has to establish himself as a leader he could be following all the laws. He is destined to be a Vishnu but will he get to live his destiny?

The concepts of marriage of masculine and feminine way of life and of structural politics have been studied at length here. The positives and negatives are laid out and it’s not hard to draw out parallels of these with the laws imposed on us presently. There’s an episode where a girl is gangraped and one of the accused is a juvenile. It’s definitely inspired by the Nirbhaya incident and there’s this dilemma of how to punish the juvenile for the heinous crime he’s committed.

Overall Ram: Scion of Ikshvaku is an excellent book if one wants to know about our Indian Epic in a better way. But I would personally suggest to read the original Ramayana once before starting this book. It will facilitate you to understand the story more clearly.


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