Most Powerful Weapons Of Lord Shiva Part 1

Kabir Gupta
Jun 30, 2019   •  860 views

Hello guys. This is my third article which will be in the form of series telling the tales of the deadly weapons of Lord Shiva, the destroyer. There are 8 main weapons of Lord Shiva and therefore it is not possible to accommodate all of them in one article.

Lord Shiva is called Mahadev for a reason. It is because there is no one who is as great as him nor there is anyone who is as powerful as him. On one hand he is Shambhu and on the other hand, Maharudra. Lord Shiva is the first yogi due to which he is also known as Adiyogi.

Lord Shiva is also known for his powerful and deadly weapons. Lord Shiva possesses many deadly “Daivi Astras”. Lord Shiva possesses the most powerful weapons some of them are as follows:


Trishul is the primary weapon of Lord Shiva. GoddessDurgaalso holds aTrishul, as one of her many weapons. The three points of the Trishul have various meanings and significance, and, common to the Hindu religion, have many stories behind them. The three pointedheads of the Trishul signify the three gunas – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. This shows that Lord Shiva is above the gunas yet upholds them.The story behind the making of the Trishul is intresting.

The sun god was married to Sanjna the daughter of the cosmic architect Lord Vishwakarma. But she soon became unhappy with her married life as the temperature of the sun god was very high which made it impossible for her to even sit beside him. When Lord Vishwakarma, the cosmic architect came to know about this he devised a method the remove the excess heat from the sun so that the sun god can accommodate………

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