The Art Of Living And Significance Of Lord Shiva’S Attire

Kabir Gupta
Jun 27, 2019   •  96 views

Lord Shiva is also known for his attire. He is shown wearing a tiger skin, Rudraksha Beads and ash smeared all over his body, a serpent over his neck, Chandrama on his forehead, river Ganga flowing from his hairs also known as ‘Jatayein’, a blue throat which gave him the name of Neelkanth- “the blue throated one” , a third eye which is symbolic of the fact that he is ‘Trikaaldarshi’ meaning the one who can see the past, present and the future. Trishul is the primary weapon of Lord Shiva on which a musical instrument is dangling. That musical Instrument is the ‘damaru’.

The significance of his attire is as follows:


Lord Shiva’s matted hair symbolise the unison of mind, body and the soul which helps to focus better and in a more clear way. The unison of these three things also increases a person’s immunity as there is no conflict between the mind ,body and soul. This unison also keeps diseases and ailments at bay as the body is relieved of the stress that arises when these three things go haywire or when they are not synced to each other. Shiv is also known as 'Jatadhar'.

The matted hairs of Lord Shiva are home to river Ganga due to which he is also called by the name of 'Gangadhar'.


Lord Shiva’s third eye is symbolic of the facts that he is the viewer of all the three periods i.e. the past, the present and the future. This eye is also symbolic of the fact of seeing a problem beyond what it is and overcoming……..

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