Most Powerful Weapons Of Lord Shiva Part 2

Kabir Gupta
Jul 07, 2019   •  682 views

Hey guys and girls. This is the second part of the series titled-“Most Powerful Weapons of Lord Shiva”.As we all know that Lord Shiva is Bholenath therefore he is also known for giving powerful weapons to his devotees. But some of them struck to their Dharma even in the hardest of times but some resorted to the unjust and adharmic means in order to fulfil their evil plans and desires. In this article I bring you the next 3 powerful weapons of Lord Shiva. They are as follows:


Pinaka-Ajagava is the bow of Lord Shiva used for the total destruction or ‘pralaya’. There were two bows that were made by Lord Vishwakarma, the cosmic architect- the Sharanga and the Pinaka. The Sharanga was given to Lord Vishnu and the Pinaka was given to Lord Shiva. To know which bow was more powerful, a war was proposed between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. But just before the battle an akaashvani occurred warning the two gods about the destruction that would follow if any of the two bows were used. Therefore the idea of war was abandoned.

Lord Shiva also destroyed the city of Tripura with the Pinaka……..

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