Life Lessons To Learn From Lord Shiva

Kabir Gupta
Jun 26, 2019   •  166 views

Lord Shiva is the third God in the Holy Trinity also known as the God of Destruction. He is the supreme God who has many names and forms and also the only god who is said to reside on the earth itself on Mount Kailash in Tibet. He is also known as Bholenath which means “The Innocent One”. Even if a devotee accidently worships Lord Shiva with betel leaves and water is blessed by him. Some of the life lessons that we can learn from Lord Shiva are:


The first life lesson from Lord shiva is that you must never tolerate any evil which is taking place with or around you. Evil must never be tolerated whatever the consequences. Standing by and doing nothing while an evil deed/sin is being committed is as bad as committing the evil deed/sin itself.


Lord Shiva’s meditative pose symbolises the attainment of the power of self-control. Mind always wanders from one place to another and because of this habit we fall prey to many negative emotions like lusting for a woman, crimes, hatred, and many other ‘Tamsic’ practices……..

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Beautiful written mr Kabir
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Very good one! Check out my articles too...