Most Powerful Weapons Of Lord Shiva Part 3

Kabir Gupta
Jul 21, 2019   •  327 views

This is the third and the concluding part of the series titled- MOST POWERFUL WEAPONS OF LORD SHIVA. The last 3 weapons of Lord Shiva are as follows:


The khaṭvāṅga is quite a beautiful object, which looks kind of like a walking stick with three upward-pointing prongs. It is a long, studded club originally created as a weapon. It was adopted as a religious symbol in Indian religions such as Shaivism and Vajrayana Buddhism. This word is often pronounced ‘khatamka’by Tibetans.

The khatvāṅga was adopted by some lineages of historical tantra though it preceded such traditions. Shiva carried the khatvāṅga as a staff-weapon and are thus referred to as khatvāṅgīs. Originally, the khatvāṅga was made of bones, especially, the long bones of forearm or the leg of human beings or animals. Later, wood and metal were used. The khatvāṅga is a long club with skulls engraved on the body. A khatvāṅga represents thevajra.


The Pashupatastra is the most powerful, most destructible and the personal weapon of Lord Shiva, goddess Bhadrakali and goddess Adi Para Shakti. Pashupatastra means –“the power of the Pashupati” which in turn translates into “the power of the whole animal kingdom combined together”. This weapon can be discharged by the……..

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