Start - How to start learning anything?

The easiest answer is, "The Basics". Yes correct, we should start learning anything from the scratch else the start would soon turn into an end.

So, the question arises for IOT(Internet of Things) - where should be start with?


No, I won't teach you IOT but I would teach you "How to Learn IOT?"

But first, only if you would want to know then click on the topics below.

"What is IOT?"
"How IOT Works?"

Now coming to the point, I would like to tell you the most important skills needed to learn IOT from scratch, one by one:

  • Basic Electronics.

Yes, because IOT is all about controlling or monitoring various things(can be anything) using the electronic devices. So, to deal with that you need to start with the basic electronics.

  • C or Embedded C.

Learn C language thoroughly because these language is the base of any programmig language & understanding it would help you learn many more very easily.

So, go start with C language first.

  • Python programming.

Actually, there is one more step between C language & Python Programming but I would like you to learn the programming languages first & then implement them on hardware.

So, third step is to learn the python language & practice it very well.

  • Microcontroller understanding.

Since, now you know the basic electronics you can deal with the microcontrollers easily. Learn everything you can about different microcontrollers in the market like AVR, PIC, ARM, etc. and how they work.

Moving a step further, I would recommend you to practice your microcontroller understanding practically using the Arduino board for now, if you are not from Electronics background. So that when time comes you can build your own circuits with microcontrollers. Also, buy some different sensors from the market & learning interfacing them with Arduino boards.

Here, you will be making the use of the C language learned earlier.

  • Microprocessor understanding.

Don't get yourself confused for Microprocessor with Microcontroller, both are different. And understanding the Microprocessor can be said as almost the last step of understanding the electronics part but we never know what's next.

  • Working on Raspberry Pi with IOT.

As for microcontroller you practised with Arduino board. Similarly, for Microprocessor you can practise with Raspberry Pi board & learn interfacing various sensors with it.

Here, you will be making the use of the Python language learned earlier after learning C, remember!!

The Final step where can you say that you are genuinely learning IOT. Here, you have to combine all your previous learnings & make a project which you can control using the internet. I have mentioned various IOT clouds that you can use for the same, which you can visit by clicking the above heading.

And yeah you are an IOT developer now, but don't just stop here. Continue practicing & make more & more projects and get hands on experience. You might also want to create github profile for showing your projects to others.

So, here are some project ideas that you might like to work upon. Trending IOT Project Ideas.

After being an IOT Developer personally, I felt you might be wanna be a professional IOT Developer. So, I thought to share with you - How to get a Job as an IOT Developer?

And if you are a problem solver, would like to go through the various problems faced by IOT & find a solution for them. Challenges faced by IOT

So, this is all from my side for learning IOT & if you think I missed anything, do let me know.