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The most Trending IOT Projects Ideas are:

  • IOT based Liquid Level Monitoring System

IOT based Liquid Level Monitoring system is a very innovative system which will inform the users about the level of liquid present in the containers using sensors and will prevent it from overflowing.

  • IOT based Garbage Monitoring System

IOT bssed Garbage Monitoring system is a very innovative system which will help us to keep the cities clean. This system monitors the garbage bins and informs us about the level of garbage collected in the garbage bins.

  • IOT based Home Automation

IOT or Internet Of Things is an upcoming technology that allows us to control hardware devices through the internet. Here we use IOT in order to control home appliances, thus automating modern homes through the internet.

  • IOT based Office Automation

It's difficult for individual office owners to operate one or more that one offices and keep track of each office appliances individually. At that time, we would need an online solution for physical office appliances control.

  • IOT based Industry Automation

IOT or Internet Of Things is a technology that deals with bringing control of physical devices over the internet. Industry automation system allows user to efficiently control industry appliances/machines over the internet.

  • IOT based Weather Reporting System

This system allows for weather parameter reporting over the internet. It allows the people to directly check the weather stats online without the need of a weather forecasting agency.

  • IOT based Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System

Air and Noise pollution is a growing issue these days. It is necessary for us to monitor air quality and keep it under control for a better future and healthy living for all. The quality of air as well as sound pollution monitoring system allows us to monitor and check live air quality as well as sound pollution in a particular areas through IOT.

  • Energy Meter Monitoring Over IOT

Monitoring and keeping track of electricity consumption daily for cross-checking is a tedious task nowadays, since you need to go to meter reading room and take down readings. But it is important to know if you are charged accordingly, so the need is quite certain. Well we can automate the system by allowing users to monitor energy meter readings over the internet using IOT.

  • IOT based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection

When it comes to old age, it becomes necessary to monitor our old ones for their health and safety. Due to the weakness and weak joints they have a great risk of falling down. And it is important to know if an old age person has fallen, so that he/she can be helped on time. Also people on wheelchair can be checked for a fall detection. IOT can help us during such situations.

  • IOT based Patient Health Monitoring Project

Monitoring your beloved ones daily becomes a difficult task in the modern day life. Keeping track of the health status of your patient at home is also a difficult task. Specially, the old age patients should be periodically monitored and their loved ones need to be informed about their health status from time to time while they are at work.

  • IOT based Heart Attack Detection & Heart Rate Monitor

These days an increased number of heart diseases including increased risk of heart attacks are occuring. But, we can use some sensors that allow us to detect heart rate of a person even if the person is at home.

So, these are the few basic IOT projects that can be made easily. But, If you are a newbie to all of these, then don't just try to make the projects instead learn & understand "how to make the projects".