Job? How To Be An Iot Developer In India?

Jainesh Rathod
May 08, 2019   •  185 views

Today, I will share with you different ways on "How to get a Job in IOT(Internet of Things)?". But, as for any job the most important thing is "SKILLS". Yes its true, because without skills you can't get any JOB in any field.

So, the first thing to get an IOT job in India is to thorough your Skills. Some basic skill set to be learnt for sure are:

Knowing these skills, I assure that you would definitely get a job in IOT. Though your basic learning on IOT may end here but the article doesn't ends here since you have a job to find.

So, the second & most important task will be finding the job in India using various JOB platforms. There are many to go & search for but a very few which would provide you opportunities for real.

I am listing some of them here:

  • Indeed : Yes, "Indeed". Though it's still growing & started being getting famous in the Indian market, you can find many genuine jobs in here. So, register, fill your details & upload your resume.

  • Naukri :, India's most famous & the largest online job provider in India can also help you get a job in IOT. So what are you waiting for go & register, fill your details & upload your latest resume and get a "Naukri".

  • Internshala : Yes, it is a platform for getting an Internship but trust me their are many company who hire Interns after the provisional period ends with good & impressive performance. So, these could be a good option too.

  • LinkedIn : You must have knowledge about what LinkedIn is I guess. So, a professional network can always help you get a JOB, by applying for jobs in career option or contacting the company professional.

There are many more apps or online platform like Monster, Shine, etc and I am not saying that you don't apply on them but the lesser the better & remember quality provide quality.

Things to Remember
  1. Keep your profile 100% filled.

  2. Your resume should be the latest & updated one.

  3. Try to apply atleast for 10 jobs/day in your category.

  4. Mention all your project works on the Resume.

  5. Weekly edit your resume so that it comes up as the newest application.

  6. Mention skills only that you have knowledge about.

  7. Keep it simple & profesional.

Hope, you find your dream job & all the very best for your career ahead.

"The good days are not very far, if you keep trying hard".



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