IOT - "Internet Of Things".

Now, IOT the trending technology of the 21st century which will continue to be on trend for many more years has some disadvantages too. So, these disadvantages can be said as the major challenges that IOT is facing until a permanent solution is found.

And If you are a Tech Enthusiast wanting to work on IOT or are already working on IOT then, you should also know about some challenges in IOT.

  • Updating the IOT hardware.

Since, daily new circuits or boards are designed with multiple sensor embedded in them and having various applications. It becomes difficult to have the latest product with sureity because anyday any new board for some new IOT application can be developed.

  • Connectivity issues.

Being a tech that just started becoming a trend makes it easier for the lesser amount of users to connect IOT devices with IOT clouds. But, as per research it was calculated that there will be more then 20 billion devices connected to IOT cloud by 2020 and during then it would be a huge issue causing various connectivity problems & might disturb various applications working.

  • Governmental rules & regulations.

Being new to the public there are no rules & regulations that are applied to the use of IOT & clouds. But, there are only few big companies or startup that are working on IOT, while rest still hesitate. Which makes a point that the government should come up with some rules & regulations of using IOT applications or products.

  • Standards

  1. Standard for handling unstructured data.

  2. Technical skills to leverage newer aggregation tools.

  • Intelligent Analysis & Actions

  1. Improper analysis results due to flaws in the data and/or model.

  2. System's ability to analyze unstructured data.

  3. System's ability to manage real- time data.

  4. Machines’ actions in unpredictable situations

  5. Information security and privacy

  6. Slow adoption of new technologies

  • Identification and Authentication of Technologies

Being so many devices connected to one platform needs formalization and system architecture that can identify and authenticate those devices.

  • Data Security and Privacy Issues

The very purpose of IoT is to translate data into meaningful information. A small flaw in data or data model could lead to false positives and false negatives. We need to understand the data in itself is not an insight, rather right questions have to be asked from the precise data to gain the insight.

  • Consumer Awareness

Many people are not aware of IoT, but they understand the dependence on Smart Apps like news apps, stocks applications, entertainment applications. It is not important for the consumers to how things work technically, but lack of basic awareness can create a fear of security and cost, which could lead to the slow adoption of technology.

  • Delivering Value

Before developing IoT applications, an enterprise must clearly define what value they are going to deliver through what capabilities. And how will their solution be enhancing the efficiency and productivity, while also generating customer-satisfaction.

So, these are various problems faced by the IOT technology & would keep on be faced until some good solutions for each are found. But remember, EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION.