Life Is The Way How You Look At It!

Kajal Singh
Aug 27, 2020   •  2 views

Life is the way how you look at it, shapes your life..

-Kajal Singh

I would like to flip that and ask, "What shape do you look at yourself as?"

Do you see yourself most like a box? Or are you more like a triangle? Do you resemble a circle? Or would you prefer to see yourself as a squiggle (like an uncoiled spring)? Not sure? How about a rectangle?

Pause before you proceed and place those five shapes in order of preference. You have the capacity to be all of these but not the preference, so put them in a list from your favourite to your least favourite.

For today, though, let's see them as windows through which we see our lives.

The box or the square window is a window that enjoys detail and analysis of life. It likes to see the boxes ticked. It's about process and procedure.

The triangle (or arched window likes results – literally to get to the point (or the top). It's about production.

The circle or round window is all about the people. It's about harmony and balance in relationships.

The squiggle doesn't have a frame, so it's more interested in creating more possibilities.

And the dear rectangle is never quite sure what shape it's in so it is about procrastination, discovery and change.

It takes all shapes to make the world – specifically your world. You were never meant to do this alone. You cannot be all shapes all the time. So don't try to.

Do you fancy changing the shape you're in?

'Cos you know you can choose the shape you're in, don't you?

One shape at a time.

You could choose, today, another frame through which to see the world.

And once you've settled on the shape that suits you, seek out the other shapes so you may build a better world together. We need one another.

Who is best at seeing your world through the square window? Spend time with them, learn from them, imitate them when you need to. Who can see most effectively through the arched window? Who do you know who is wonderful as seeing through the round window? And who is always seeing possibilities? Build your house with all these windows in it and you will see a more amazing world than you ever imagined!

The way you see your life shapes your life simply means that there are few parameters through which each one of us live our lives and there are few pre-decided factors which are sure to make impact your life , it is in the similar fashion that life will anticipate in the reality. For example, If I value some specific quality more than others then my life is sure to be revolving around that one value system. Exemplifying it by stating if a person’s virtue says that being rich is being valued, or being kind is the most important virtue in life then the incidents that will unfold in his /her life will approximately revolve around the similar fashion and the person will be rich or kind or whatever virtues he assumes to be of highest order.

The way we see our life almost controls our lives as when we view our lives from our defined perspectives then they are sure to be shaped under the effect of those predefined layers or our set parameters.

Personally speaking , I have never known a person whose life’s virtues are not reflected through his life experiences. whatever the person thinks ,that completely guides his own experiences and shapes their respective lives. I have seen friends who were not born into very rich family but have made their marks in their professional lives because since their childhood their virtue was merit while I have also seen people whose rich family backgrounds have ruined them and made them directionless, just because they didn’t value themselves as someone worthy enough to shape their own lives.

So yes ! Definitely.How we view our lives shape our lives , its impact is profound during our adolescence and during the period we mature but yes to some extent it is followed at every stage of our lives.