It is high time to put an end

To this painful journey of love.

Though its painful to bear,

It is the very right thing to be done.

Blame me as much as you can;

For the way we never want to become.

Even there was a reason for all

You won't feel it once.

You will always remain happy

Even if I end up my life.

Follow the path that I have made,

And I promise you will never see me back again.

Choose your own way of life,

I won't become your obstracle.

But I am tired to live the way it is

So, finally its time to liberate my pain.

Do fall in love with someone

Live the life you want,

I will always be there for you

At a distance, far in the Heaven.

This is the last spell of my sacrifice

To make your every dream come true.

I hope one day you will understand

Why I am being so cruel to you.

Farewell my LOVE....