A Person With Smile Is Not Always A Happy Person

Prabh Bhullar
Sep 21, 2019   •  39 views

Smile is usually referred to as the best face accessory that a person can wear. There can be various reasons for a person to smile and live a happy life. Smile helps a person to express his or her excitement towards any particular thing. Although, smile plays such crucial role in our daily life but you might not be aware of the fact that a smiling face is not always a happy face. Yes, this could turn out to be weird for many of you but it is the truth. There are times when a person smiles to hide his pain, sadness and even hunger.

Everyone today like to spend their quality time with themselves and know their potential better. However, they smile in front of other people as they do not want to show that they are in pain. This pain can be of heartbreak, love failure, friendship backstabbing and sometimes even because of family issues. People keep their pain to themselves and smile in front of entire world.

Your parents also smile to hide their sadness. This is because they do not want to show you their pain. Our parents always smile infront of us as they do not want us to be sad. Our smile is the most precious thing for which our parents always struggle in their life. Therefore, its our responsibility to understand our parents and we should not force them for anything.

Well, the hiding pain can lead to serious issues such as depression. These issues can turn out to be life threatening one. However, it is always advised to express all pain and feel light. Your heart would feel light and it will help you to come out as a person with real smile.