A Compliment Is Verbal Sunshine ☀️

Nancy Henry
Jun 27, 2019   •  87 views

“Sometimes, just a little compliment can make someone entire life” a great quote once heard from my teacher. Compliments are the easiest and fastest way to make someone feel better about them. It is required in one’s life.It might be small or big but it might build a great confident in that person.It is also an energy booster for our day to day life. It is nothing but a priceless gift one can give to others. We should have the habit of appreciating others. It’s the greatest thing we can do to someone. All of us at some point in our life, would have heard an unexpected compliment which made our day happiest. Never will forget the compliment, how many years it took.At the same time, the given compliment should highlight the strength, not their weakness.Your words are mightier it can neither bring a smile or an angry on someone’s face.A great way to build a strong relationship with someone.

A small compliment like hello beautiful, your smile matters, you are special, I love you, you are punctual, you are brave, so different, I like your company, you meant so much to me, etc are the simple compliments we can give to someone. If you don’t get a compliment from others then don’t worry, be the one to compliment yourself. The self compliment has more power than anything else. So have the habit of complimenting yourself.

The most recent compliment I got is from a stranger about my blog that my writings are really motivating. It’s an unexpected comment that too from a stranger. I never really expected to get this kind of compliments for my writing. But it’s really nice to get a compliment from a stranger. So never forgot to compliment others. It means nothing to you just among some words you speak but it matters to the other person. One of the greatest motivations to someone would be to motivate them to chase their destiny. Don’t let your jealousy to ruin someone's life. Let do at least something for someone.

But with friends, these compliments are miraculous to get. We will abuse them to the core. But without that, it won’t make us besties. Our bestie conversations are won’t understand by anyone other than our friends. But these are such relationship wherewe will think there is no need for any compliments. But there is always a need for compliments in every relationship. They won’t expect but your compliment can make their day a good day. So lets you compliment up bring someone instead of being a bad omen to them. Let your compliment magnify their strength, not their weakness.



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