An Open Letter To My Future Husband

Tanusree Nath
Jan 21, 2020   •  10 views

Dear future husband,

When I write this letter to you, know that I am not going through the best of times. I have learnt a lot this year. And each lesson that I learnt, no matter how it ripped me apart, it brought me a little closer to you in the end. And that is what matters. I learnt to value my life without a man. I learnt about the strength of my capabilities that can take me to great heights. I learnt that sometimes the right place to be is not always the most comfortable one. I learnt that stepping out of my comfort zone for the greater good sometimes can take me far. I learnt to observe actions over words. I learnt that what's gone, is gone for the best. I learnt to be happy for other people even if that meant sadness for my own. I learnt the power of natural alignment.

But most importantly, as Taylor said, I learnt that true love is not red like sin. It's golden like daylight. It's where you can breathe freely. It's where you want to walk with someone blindfolded and confident. It is a lot of other things, but not raging. It's not raging. It's calm. It puts you to sleep at the end of the day. It's not the kind of love that you cry your eyes out for. It's why you smile in your sleep.

And I feel like I am a little bit closer to that kind of love.

I know that ours will be a love story, not like the cliches. You will be hiding in familiarity and plain sight. And then one fine day, we'd both realise "Oh! I'm in love with my best friend. But I didn't see that coming.. Or did I?"

Thinking about you doesn't make me anxious. In fact it's the only thing that calms my nerves as I look forward to the one true thing that is yet to find me. And I am pretty sure that it will be the best thing that I ever find. It's like waiting for a fairytale that you know is on its way towards you. And it makes you grin from ear to ear.

I know it sounds cool to say that "I'm not waiting on anybody. I'm good on my own." But when I say that "I am waiting for somebody who will compliment my happiness" , I feel a lot happier.

I don't know who you're with at this moment, or what you're up to. But know that I'm on my way. See you in a few years down the line.

I love you, in advance.

Your to-be lover.