Role Of Youth In National Development

Himanshi Chawla
May 30, 2019   •  41 views

Youths are the backbone and future of any country. India is the youngest country in the world as it comprises maximum population below the age of 35.

In the political field, young leaders are coming forward with new ideas and educated and ambitious youth can be mobilised to take the country to digging height. Youth has the capacity to learn and they are more flexible than the aged. The country also suffers from many social evils. It is the youth that can help as a fountain head of such evolutions ,For example, If youth pledge not to take and give dowry , dowry system will get eliminated and the precious life of bride would be saved. The youth can play an effective role in elimination of corruption. The undetered and firm determination accompanied with mass movement of youth can move out the evil of corruption.

The light of education in youth can enlighten many lives if value education is inculcated in them. They may contribute effectively in campaigns like adult literary programmes. The youth can volunteer to teach illiterates to downtrodden.

Some policies are required to be formulated by the government where maximum participation of youth is encouraged. Most importantly, the reservation policy of the country needs a change so that competent and eligible persons become the flag bearers for the social change in the country.

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