How To Hydrate Yourself In Summer?

Himanshi Chawla
May 26, 2019   •  31 views

Scorching Heat, Scorching Sun , Are You Feeling Low? Are You Feeling Like Sun Is Absorbing Your Body Water With A Straw?Lot Of Problems, One Solution. Water Is The Panacea For Almost All Problems.

Water Is One Of The Basic Necessities Of Life. 70% Of Our Body Is Made Up Of Water , So Why To Remain Dry ? Just Like Earth , Our Body Also Suffers From Drought Which Causes Nausea, Stomach Ache, Diarrhoea.

There Are A Lot Of Fruits Which Are Not Only Rich In Water , But Also Contains Other Vital Nutrient, Such As Watermelon Engross 92% Water, Strawberries 91%, Orange 88% And Cucumber 95%. Eating Raw Onion Is Good In Summer . Keeping Onion In Pocket Also Helps In Fighting Heat Strokes. Because It Is A Belief That Volatile Oils Helps In Regulating Body Temperature. You Can Also Consume Lemon Water And Glucose Water. Drinking Ors Solution Is Also Beneficial . Sugarcane Juice Is Best In Summer ,It Also Prevents Cancer. Avoid Junk And Oily Foods As They Dehydrate Your Body.

All These Are Complementary Things. Water Is Still The Primary Solution. Don'T Forget To Drink At Least 8-10 Litres A Day. Always Keep A Water Bottle Along With You Whenever You Go Out Somewhere.

Water Not Only Helps In RehydrationBut Also Gives Glowing Skin, Helps In Proper Functioning Of Body Organs. You Can Live Without Eating But Can'T Live Without Drinking Water For More Than One Day. You Have Got Only One Life , Why To Compromise With It? In Short, Stay Hydrated And Stay Fit And Healthy.

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