Ananya was in library. As usual looking for a new book to read. While searching for books her attention was caught by him ; the one with medium height, brownish colour, his face had that little moustache and beard which made him look cuter and lastly his confused look. Ananya kept observing him from one corner. He was looking confused for the selection of book so he was just looking at all the books again and again. He used to pick one book, would turn the pages and keep it back. his behaviour made Ananya laugh which was more like blushing. After five minutes he left from the library.

But he couldn’t leave from Ananya’s mind. There was something about him which made her feel something different. From that day onward Ananya’s eyes were continuously looking for him. After few days of library incident she was sitting in canteen with her friends. And he entered. As soon as he entered the canteen, everything changed for Ananya. She couldn’t stop glancing at him. Again those pretty eyes were looking for something. Before he looked at her, she quickly stopped staring at him.

“Hey Parikshit”, a boy from one of the groups shouted and ‘he’ got a name.
Ananya was so glad. She couldn’t believe whatever was happening with her. It was her one of the most favourite names. She couldn’t stop blushing that time. That day onwards everything changed for Ananya. The world was a better place for her. Everything seemed so nice to her. The one who used to wake up late, started waking up early for college. Going to college and looking for him had become her favourite job.

One day she reached college and went inside the lift. As soon as the lift was getting closed someone pressed the button from outside and door was opened. The next moment she was on cloud nine. It was Parikshit. He was sweaty and breathing fast. He must have got late for lecture. Ananya felt the butterflies in her stomach. She couldn’t believe he was standing so close to her.

Within few seconds, the lift reached second floor and he left. Ananya took a deep breath to believe all this. She even fell in love with his breathing. Though he was sweaty, he was looking so stunning. She couldn’t believe that she had started liking someone so much that she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

The college was closed for a week due to Christmas holidays. On the second day, Ananya started feeling uneasy. She wanted to go to college and see him. As the days passed she felt like she cannot live without seeing him. She thought to herself,

“Why is this happening with me? He doesn’t even know that I exist. I don’t know whether he is already with someone. Then also why do I get so attracted towards him? It’s been three months and I still feel the same. It is not just infatuation. Maybe he is the one I have been waiting for.”

She decided to finally confess her feelings without thinking of his reaction. She quickly started writing a letter. She wrote everything she had been feeling for him. It was the first time she was telling someone about her feelings. She was excited as well as nervous.

Finally the day arrived of college reopening and it was going to be a very important day for Ananya. She was feel so anxious since morning. As soon as she entered the campus, she saw a poster with Parikshit’s picture and next moment she was shattered.

The poster read,
“Your life was a blessing and your memory was a treasure. We will always remember you.
RIP Parikshit.”