Life Struggles Come To Make You Stronger

Gunjan Thadani
Apr 19, 2019   •  36 views

Life is like waves of the ocean, they are calm and composed at a certain moment and the next moment they are like huge tides that invite tsunami in world as well as in our lives. Similarly life in beginning seems to sail peacefully and then there comes a tsunami that we call it as struggles of our lives.

They never come with a prior notice, they are always abrupt and hit us hard that change us inside out, that is why we call them “PROBLEMS”.They shake us like we shake our milk shakes so prominently that either they tear us apart or we come out stronger. It actually depends on person to person, how one takes up the challenges in life.I believe without struggles in life people won’t become stronger, they won’t get to know their boundaries, their limits and what they are capable of.Like without sadness there will be no value of happiness similarly without struggles in life we won’t value our worth.

“Every struggle you’ve ever had in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, as they will only make you stronger.”

Life Struggles has a great significance in building up an individual’s character.Sharper and stronger the cutting tool the finer we get our product, similarly the stronger the impact of the hard times the stronger and the better the person’s character become. Hard times makes us realize that there is no one in the world you should trust except for yourself, they make us realize that hard time can come anytime so we should always be prepared to face it, it makes us believe in ourselves, teaches us not to bow down to anyone except for our parents.

Many times they break up apart, tear us into pieces that can never be fixed. Like a glass piece when it breaks, it is broken up into fine pieces, even if we join them it will never be the same, it will still have cracks and it will be even easier and faster to break it the next time. But since glass is transparent we know that it has cracks, it is broken up. What if we don’t become transparent, no one will know we are torn apart and what for, so it will be difficult for anyone to even move us an inch.

I firmly believe that we should trust our instincts they always guide us on the right path during the time of struggles, don’t show anyone that you are hit by a rockor let them know your weakness, I understand having a let out is necessary otherwise it will weaken you rather than strengthening you, so why don’t you try talk to an imaginary person when you are alone or with your parents they will always give you the best suggestions and remedies, if not these two options try playing sports, dancing or an instrument it will divert your mind and make you feel fresh. Having a fresh mind will always help you take the best decisions.



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